March 12th, 2009


Here we go again

Yesterday I took Claudia to the vet for her regular injection for kidney disease (laurabollin which stimulates her appetite, I think). The accent is on the second syllable, but all the same I'm tempted to name a character Laura Bollin. :-P

Today I was back there again--with Jasmin. I noticed last night that she had a lump on her lower eyelid, near her tear duct, so I took her in. They had a look, drained it, gave her an injection for pain and inflammation--though in fact I don't think it was bothering her because she was her happy, playful self, she had a slight temperature--and some ointment. And an appointment to see the eye specialist since it's so near her tear duct which may have been damaged. :-(

He's the guy who performed two major eye operations on Tessa, and luckily only a couple of suburbs away. I bet he remembers me. He must wonder why my cats get eye problems; I'll have to tell him that I have three others he's never seen (and hope he won't).

I'd been planning to insure the kittens while they were young and healthy so we wouldn't get the huge bills Tessa ran up for her eyes, and I must do that. I just didn't think it would start this early--and that they might be as trouble-free as Vic and Claudia. I hope this doesn't affect her premium since it's an accident.

Poor little girl. She gets so frightened when I take her in the SleepyPod, she burrows right under the blanket I put in it for that purpose.