January 29th, 2009


Non-canon Doctor Who scarf

I still feel horrible and limp and bronchitis-y, but better than I have been for the last few days. I might be getting better. :-)

I finally finished the first Doctor Who scarf I started, in very non-canon colours because they were all I could find in the same brand in the little shop I went to. Like the other one, I did it in Fibonacci numbers, rounded to even when necessary, so all the stripes were 8, 12, 20, or 34 rows. The colours may be wrong (the green is very bright, and the brown far too dark, but I like them, especially now I've added the tassels. They're much more my colours than the autumn ones of the canon scarf.

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I'm considering making some matching stripy wrist-warmers from the leftover wool of each, but my next project is a Moebius neck-warmer.


Colour gradient icons

Here are the icons I did for the last icon_style challenge, which was to use gradients. Coincidentally I chose the same cat picture as sallymn, but of course hers was much better. The flowers were the most difficult. I found a black silhouette of flowers and leaves, made it grey, then selectively applied circular and linear gradients, then added a grey gradient to the background.

Comment and credit if you'd like one.