December 24th, 2008

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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

It's Christmas Eve here, so I'll take the opportunity to wish a very merry, peaceful, and joy-filled Christmas to all those who celebrate it.

These photos are from the SPCA newsletter, and were taken in their offices: something for everyone! The parrot is called Louis, and the rat's Hannah. :-)

mince pies

The VGT Christmas Fifty

Another foodie list from the Very Good Taste site, this time a Christmas-flavoured one. I don't associate some of these with any particular time of the year (any time is good for rum balls, and Yule log is known as chocolate log here and is a very popular dessert).

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve tasted.
3) Place an asterisk after all the items you’ve cooked/prepared.
4) Optional: cross out anything you never want to try, or add an exclamation mark after anything you really want to try.

I've had 24 items--almost half--which isn't bad going. There are several more I'd like to try if I ever get the chance. :-) I've included their links for less well-known items.

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[eats some speculaas with a cup of tea]