December 9th, 2008


Aussie survey meme

I should be drawing my B7 card or fixing my Lynx story to post on my site, but I'm a bit distracted with Jasmin having had her operation today (I'm picking her up shortly) and the new cat (see next post). I have however knitted the outsides (the hardest part) of two teleport bracelets. :-)

Greg comes back tonight, but with a massive cold, so I'not sure when he's going back to work, and can therefore print said unfinished B7 card. So it will be late again this year.

In the meantime, have a Australian survey meme. Hey, it makes a change from all those US high school ones, and a surprising amount applies to here as well.

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Jasmin--and introducing Ashley!

Jasmin came through her operation with no problems at all, and they said she was very definitely on heat. So early! They recover quickly from the new anaesthetics, and she promptly began playing with the three new toy mice I bought her at the vet's as soon as she got out of the carry-bed. I can hear her thundering around in the bedroom over my head as I type--and she's supposed to be taking it easy.

Because I was worried about what she'll do when Claudia (who has kidney disease and has lost weight lately) dies, because Jasmin loves snuggling up to her, and Vic has never to my knowledge done so with another cat, I decided to do what several people said was a good idea: get another young cat for Jasmin. So I went to one of the Lonely Miaow foster homes last night and adopted a little silver tabby who is about 7-8 months old. She was rescued along with her mother and siblings from a property out west. She's really friendly, smoochy, purry, playful, and very laid-back, considering. She sat quietly in the carry-bed all the way home, and wanted to explore the house straight away. She's met Vic (who looked at her for a while, then jumped on the couch and went to sleep) and Claudia (who growled, as she did with Jasmin at first, but then sat on my lap while I knitted).

OK! Greg just came home, and chose the name Ashley from my short list! She is no longer The Cat With No Name.

I didn't want to introduce her to Jasmin yet, but I will tomorrow. She's desperate to meet her, but Jasmin, who got an accidental look last night, fluffed up, and ran away, knows there's another cat here. Because Ashley is playful and cuddly, I'm hoping they'll bond and be companions for life, like Claudia and Tessa were. They can compare operation scars; Ashley was done on the 2nd. ;-)

As for the house she was in, wow. It was run by a lovely and sensible cat-lover and her friendly husband, and they had about 30 cats and kittens there. Some were rescues they have decided to keep, but most were tiny fluff-balls of kittens, only weeks old. AWWWW! SO CUTE! There were only about three teenagers, and Ashley was the friendliest and cuddliest.

I do hope it works out with Jasmin. And here's a picture!

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