November 9th, 2008

nikau (NZ!)

Our election

I was exhausted when I got home last night after 14 hours at the local polling booth. That was checking people off the roll and issuing them with voting forms--344 of them in my case, of the 2202 people who came through--till 7pm, then counting the votes for candidates and parties, which went till 10pm. The total has to match the votes issued and then gets phoned in. The whole thing's fun, despite being a long day, because of the excitement. I think I'll do it next time, just for the buzz.

We get two votes, one for a member of parliament for the electorate (staunchly National (read conservative) in the case of Tamaki), and one for a party (and if we didn't have that, I wouldn't bother voting in this electorate). Then parliamentary seats are made up from winning electorate candidates, and list candidates till the proportions of parties with seats matches those of the party vote. That's the simple part. However minor parties like Greens and ACT take away from the two main ones, Labour and National, so the government is always a coalition these days. This time it's gone National, but people tend to swing in the other direction when a government's had more than one term. I'm not happy about the result; a National government supporting business owners and rich bastards is not what we need in this crap economy (or really, ever IMO).

I'll be working tomorrow on things like the official count, double vote checking, special vote counting etc. It will be a shock to the system after having my days to myself for months.

One good thing about National getting in though is that business may feel encouraged to consider hiring again--perhaps even me.