November 7th, 2008

nikau (NZ!)

Various stuff

It's our national election tomorrow, which means an early start (eep) and a late finish for me. The polling station I'm working at, just round the corner, was apparently the second busiest in the country last time; I have no idea why. But hey, it will be fun! We have to take all our food and drink etc for the day, though I'm sure we'll be able to make tea and coffee. I will have sandwiches and water; that should do me.

Aware that I'm working for the next couple of weeks, I actually got a few things done today.

  • Got a quote to get our trees trimmed, well overdue. Greg has this things about letting them grow till we live in a small rainforest and we lose our light and I can't get washing dry and the neighours won't talk to us, but yay, we're finally getting them cut back, and by some guys who know what they're doing.

  • Ordered the Venetian blinds for the living/dining room. This has floor-to-ceiling windows and it can get pretty hot in summer (despite the trees). It has Roman blinds right now, but they're not easy to put up and down, and when they're down, it's very dark.

  • Rang the library to say that the book their website said I had out and overdue was returned weeks ago. They found it and were suitably apologetic.

  • Found that Lindt do a chilli chocolate and Foodtown sells it, and bought a slab, plus one each of their intense mint and intense orange. I have not yet tried any of them, but I like dark interestingly flavoured chocolate for our after-dinner treat of a square each.

  • Not an achievement as such, but the wool I ordered for a Doctor Who scarf arrived today too. :-)