November 6th, 2008

office space

Work (a bit anyway)

I'm working election day here this weekend, which is a long day but rather fun--I've done it before when I was a student. I've just found out that I'll also be working for about 8 days afterwards, helping with the official count, special votes, and other stuff. Yay, because I so need the money, even though it's crap pay.

I'll probably have to get a bus into Newmarket, where for some strange reason the Tamaki electorate office is; bum. I sometimes feel sick on buses, but OTOH driving in will take so long, and I'm not sure where I could park. I considered taking my scarf to knit on the bus, but those seats are pretty cramped (if I even get one) and I'll just annoy whoever's next to me. Maybe Greg can drop me off in the mornings; he works fairly close.

I'm also a bit worried about Jasmin, who will have to be left on her own here as she's not ready to be allowed outside yet, and I'm not sure Claudia's ready to be locked in with her to keep her company. They lick each other on our laps, but when Jasmin's in a crazy mood, she won't stop attacking poor Claudia who ends up going spare and having to be let out.