October 30th, 2008

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Fic: Anthropology

The finishathon master list is already up because of LJ going down tomorrow. This story, I tell you, was not easy to write as all I really had was the beginning and end. There are reasons stories languish on the finishathon list! Thanks to astrogirl2 for her excellent--as always--beta.

This is a PGP in which Vila takes Orac and uses it to sabotage the Federation. In the meantime, Avon is looking for him.

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Here are some icons I did for a recent challenge (cat, John Sheppard, Avon), plus a couple of Pretender ones (Sydney and Miss Parker). Please comment and credit if you take. If you'd like text, I'd be happy to add some.

The cat BTW is not my late Tessa, but a chocolate Burmese I found online. Jasmin will eventually have a similar colour (chocolate points and a cafe au lait body).