October 6th, 2008


Kitten (and cat) picspam

The breeder I bought Claudia from has become a friend over the years through regular cards and letters (I send her photos of Claudia with news about her) so we decided to get our next kitten from her too, seeing The Lonely Miaow doesn't yet have any. (The next one's from them though, I hope not as urgently). We went down yesterday to see Patsy and her lovely cats, even though we already knew we were getting the only chocolate girl. She has Burmese and Bengals, plus a couple of dogs, and a parrot she told us had died the day before at 30. :-P

We're getting a chocolate because the seal and blue are too much like Claudia and Tessa and will remind us too much of them. She will be called Jasmin as that's the only name in a long list I made that Greg liked. To see what she'll look like as an adult, see Patsy's Burmese page. And we get her in about three weeks!

And because I failed to get decent photos of her magnificent Bengals, here's her Bengal page showing their gorgeous coats.

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