September 26th, 2008

beta delta

New LJ features

LJ's brought in a couple of excellent new features that might interest people; see their full post.

Persistent style=mine for Paid Users
There is now an option to "View all journals and communities in your own style" on the viewing options page. It's rather nice as they give you a toggle option to "View in original/my style" option in the nav bar so you can easily switch between. I've set it to view in original style because I like seeing what people have, but I can now easily toggle to my style when I encounter horrible colour choices or unreadable cursive fonts. :-D

Graphic Preview (Snap)
I hated this. I turned it off for my LJ and managed to ad-block it for other people's in FireFox, but now it actually works properly. You don't have to do anything: your setting now applies to everything you view in LJ (not to others viewing your journal) as it should have done from the start.

There's also 20% off paid accounts till the 30th, and you can beta-test the new profile layout, which I've been doing for a while.