September 20th, 2008

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What I did today, or, Jaffa Cakes for a JAFA

Thanks to trixieleitz who located a British shop near me, I have now eaten a Jaffa cake. And it was very nice too: intense and extra-orangey. YUM!

But first we went to the annual fair at a local church. We got:

  • a foot-spa (at last, a rhyme for chutzpah!) for only $5, not yet tested
  • almost all the Marcus Didius Falco novels by Lindsey Davis
  • two old Giles cartoon books
  • The Book of the Goons, so old it has pink and yellow 60s psychedelic lettering on the cover; it will go with my Goon Show scripts
  • an SF anthology published in 1970
  • two lamps consisting of giant blue light-bulbs, pictures below

Then because trixieleitz had told me about The English Corner Shop (which isn't on one), we went there and bought Jaffa cakes, chocolate digestives, rich tea biscuits, crisps (pickled onion and worcester sauce flavours), Caramacs, and various sweets that appeal to Greg but not me.

There seemed to be a festival in Onehunga, so we stopped on the way back to see what was going on. It was Onehunga Heritage Weekend (who knew?) and I took some photos, then we went to the Hard To Find second-hand bookshop there. This is an old house full of stairs and little rooms, all packed with books. I really need to make up a list of authors I want before I go back, especially to the SF room.

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And now I'm off to bed.