August 23rd, 2008

thick as thieves

Sartorially Challenged

From fannish5: Describe the five worst costuming choices in a tv show or movie.

Ah yes, how could I resist doing this for Blake's 7? Actually I like most of the costumes, but there are some spectacularly bad ones.

  1. The worst have to be the cockroach costumes, closely followed by the Michelin Men. I'll count those as one since they appear in the same ep. I'm not surprised at Vila's horrified "What d'you call this, then?" when Avon gives him a cockroach cloak to put on.

  2. Vila's Crossing Guard outfit. I did try to explain this one away in a story, Sartorially Challenged, but really, there's no excuse for it.

  3. Avon's Toreador costume. A severe shoulderpad malfunction there.

  4. Dayna's outfit in Sarcophagus which appears not to be named. The Featured Crotch? There are some scenes, I'm told (I loathe the ep) where she was also in danger of escaping from the blue bra.

  5. Avon's House Painter outfit. Just so wrong for him.
They do seem to have had the most fun with Avon. :-D An honourable mention goes to the Red Lobster Suit. Believe it or not, there were meant to be spikes on the yoke of that as if he were a dangerous dog. This would have wonderful to see and raised this one into bronze medal position.
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