August 16th, 2008


Finishathon voting and stuff

The Finishathon voting is open at multific. I've given the comm link because that way you can see the cut-tag for each writer. I'm under my name, Nicola Mody; if you see anyone else you recognise, do vote for a story for them too. If you're not a participant, just vote in the first poll for each writer.

A tip for those wanting to vote for a lot of people: open each poll in a new tab and close it after voting, so you don't have to keep scrolling from the top.

And for the many penguin-lovers among you, here's a vid about one being knighted. Really!

In other news, I brought Tessa's ashes home today in a small rimu (native wood) box with a brass plaque. We were planning to scatter them in the garden but I think it's sealed. I've coiled her little leopard-spotty collar on it. It's been seven days now and the pain is a lot less and I'm starting to enjoy things more like a Thai lunch out today. Another 30 days and time will have done a lot of healing.