August 10th, 2008



August really is a crap month. Claudia isn't eating much, and it's not due to Tessa being gone. She has a sore tooth or an abscess (I've seen the signs before: opening her mouth, rubbing her paws repeatedly over her face) so she has to go to the vet tomorrow. Oy. Now Claudia's had kidney disease and been on a special diet for over a year, and is quite slender and frail--in fact it was Claudia I'd steeled myself to lose first--and of course she'll need an operation. [panics]

And yeah, on top of all this, the theatre sports evening is tomorrow as well and I can't get out of it. I also have to bring some of the supper, which will be damn well bought from the local baker.

You don't have to reply to this, really.

And I will get round to answering all your kind and moving comments about Tessa when I can handle it.

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