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8th August 2008

Fanfic in other languages

  • 8th Aug, 2008 at 9:56 AM

From altariel: kourediosis looking for fanfic in languages other than English. I know at least three of you might be able to help with Dutch and Finnish. :-)

And in other news, Tessa's still pretty lethargic, but she started eating again last night which is encouraging, and was quite eager for her evening treat. Claudia's sticking to her side which is very sweet; I just hope she doesn't catch whatever it is too.

Goodbye, little friend

  • 8th Aug, 2008 at 2:59 PM

As I said, Tessa ate last night and even followed me eagerly when I gave them their night-time treat. She seemed to be getting better, and I'm sure I heard her eating this morning. But she was very lethargic and sleepy, and around midday I found her in her bed, gasping for air. I rushed her off to the vet straight away, but they said that her glucose was through the roof (it was borderline yesterday), her kidneys had failed, and that she had had a "neurological event", which I assume is a stroke. They put her on oxygen and a drip, but it was pretty obvious there wasn't any hope. So I called Greg and waited with Tessa, talking to her and stroking her, though she only seemed to recognise me intermittently, till he arrived, and we both said goodbye.

RIP, little soul.


Thank you

  • 8th Aug, 2008 at 10:20 PM

Thank you so much, everyone who responded to my last post about Tessa. I've read every comment (and cried over all of them) and I'm really not capable of answering you yet. But I really appreciate your words and your kindness and sympathy. Give me a day or two.

Virtual hugs to you all.

Day 8 - Avon and Vila

  • 8th Aug, 2008 at 10:42 PM

Today's entry for the naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge is for van who wanted Vila and Avon together. It was lucky I did this early this morning or it might not have been finished. It's based on a scene from Volcano but with the arm cast removed and a drink of red wine added.

Vila and AvonCollapse )

Happy birthday to van and reapermum!

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