July 25th, 2008


[Inter]National Art Making Month (and more)

August starts next week, which means naarmamo ([Inter]National Art Making Month), the "make a the piece of art a day" challenge. The art can be anything you like (fan art, photography, crafts), and of any standard. I've done it twice now and found it an excellent way of practising and improving my drawing skills--and learning from other people's techniques. If you're interested in art, have a look at the community and think about joining us! :-)

BTW the icon's from one of the pictures I did for NaArMoMo.

August is shaping up to be a scarily busy month for me. As well as a piece of art a day, I have a story to write for crycraven, a comedy sketch to do at a concert, another thing I'm trying to wriggle out of, and I was just reminded that I'm meant to be helping someone else run a theatre sports evening in a week, and I can't contact her. I have no idea what she has planned or what I'll do if I'm stuck with it. [tears at hair] And I bet I get pulled into the children's puppet show that's been run the last two Augusts. Oy.


WPA retro icons

In a Mad Men episode we saw last week, a client referred disparagingly to some four-colour posters as outdated WPA. I was interested enough to look it up and it stands for Works Progress Administration, a New Deal agency employing a lot of people during the depression, including artists who did posters, some examples of which can be seen here. I couldn't resist making icons out of some of them. Want, take, credit.

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