June 11th, 2008


My slippers; let me show you them

I watched more Babylon 5 last night: Londo crawling drunk on the table, bum in the air, and claiming to be cute--and stunning in purple; a Centauri goddess of passion--but with tentacles, so surely hermaphrodite; the kick-arse Na'Toth's entrance; Ivanova being her awesome self... I really have to add Ivanova to my list of favourite characters where she can join Vila as a rare human.

Today I went to the local pet supermarket to buy a bag of Hills Science Diet and found it comes with free slippers at the moment. Behold: my first (and doubtless last) pair of animal slippers.

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Oh and Cadbury has some new chocolate flavours out. The tiramisu is delicious, and I see by the shelf labels that there's a crème brulee flavour but it's out of stock. I must try that too.


Babylon 5 speculations

Another ep of B5 (Mind War) and ooh, it's moving right along. Bester has already appeared, Sakai encountered an ancient being, and we've learned more about the Psi Corps. And everyone is more than they seem. But of course! :-)

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