May 18th, 2008


Drabble: Firing Line

For the b7friday topic of substitution, a drabble set in early season 3.

Firing Line

"That's not fair! I was on weapons!"

"Dayna," said Avon, "is younger, possibly faster, and certainly has the killer instinct."

Smirking, Dayna pushed Vila out of her way. "This is my station now. Spare part."

Vila retreated to Gan's old seat. "I did all right. I did bloody well with the Andromedans as it happens."

"So? This is the best position for Dayna. You should be pleased, Vila." Avon smiled one of his more humourless smiles. "You'll have nothing to do now but panic."

Vila crunched lower in his new chair and hugged himself. Yeah, that was the whole point.