April 28th, 2008


Do I have rights to my own photos?

Can someone in the UK advise me on this? There's a Daily Mail article about Blake's 7 which is using photos of the cast which looked strangely familiar to me--and no wonder. The ones of Michael Keating, Gareth Thomas, and David Jackson have been taken from my Star One convention gallery (Gareth's on the second page) without any acknowledgement or payment, and cropped.

Is this standard practice? Is it legal?

I've left a comment on the page asking for an explanation.

mini vila

My birthday

I thought my birthday in RL would be bit of a fizzle because most restaurants don't open on Monday nights, so I met Greg for lunch. When I got there though, he'd just been phoned about an emergency, so I just bought a samosa and went home where I could follow it with ice-cream and a book. I'd have consoled myself with a massage but hey, it's Monday and salons are closed as well. At least I wasn't Ugly Betty stood up in a fashionable restaurant with cheese fondue for two.

And if I hadn't gone out, I'd have been home when kerravonsen rang. She did leave a lovely rendition of 'Happy Birthday' on my voicemail though, and I knew it was her singing before she said so. [delighted grin and hugs]

Greg's home now and it seems that there are some restaurants open in Mission Bay (which is wall-to-walls restaurants and cafes) so I'm getting a dinner out after all, yay!

And look [points at icon] - I also got an adorable mini Vila from the talented redscharlach, and a gorgeous and happy-making story from van, Satisfaction, complete with a banner of Avon and Vila in the outfits they're wearing in the story. [loves]

And I really should link to the Vila with roses snowgrouse gave me last year because Vila in a suit with roses? Come on!

As for the Daily Mail, I shall be invoicing them tomorrow.