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27th April 2008

Blake's 7 remake dream cast

  • 27th Apr, 2008 at 5:03 PM

Since some people have done this and I'd love to see a quality remake, here are my dream cast for a new Blake's 7 made by someone who isn't B7E. The basic characters and universe would be the same, but with better and stunning (in the good way) SFX. Oh and the Liberator has to remain the Liberator; it's the most beautiful spaceship I know.

This took me a while what with being out a lot, thinking up people, and finding photos of them.

Blake - Adrian Lester (Mickey Brick in Hustle), or Philip or Robert Glenister (LoM and Hustle respectively). An older Blake would be interesting.

Vila - Martin Freeman from The Office, the HHGTTG film, and Blake's Junction 7, (as good as anyone not Michael Keating could be) or Alan Tudyk from Firefly (he does likeable and an English accent very well).

Jenna - executrix mentioned Claudia Black (Farscape and SG1) and that would be awesome. Tara Summers (Katie Lloyd in Boston Legal) would also be wonderful, having, like Claudia Black, a strong and intelligent face. No one would take either of those for granted.

Avon - Dylan Moran from Black Books (if he can do English) or Mark Heap from Green Wing (he already did Avon in Blake's Junction 7)

Gan - Adam Baldwin, Christopher Judge, or Jason Momoa would be great, or hey, let's make Gan a woman and have Magda Szubanski (Furlow in Farscape)! Any of those would make Gan awesome and dangerous and not to be killed off.

Cally - Hmm, that's a difficult onet. Virginia Hey (Zhaan in Farscape) perhaps? Or Tamsin Greig from Black Books and Green Wing--I'm sure she could do alien.

Tarrant - You can't go past Stephen Mangan from Green Wing. And look, here he is with a possible Cally!

Dayna - Freema Agyeman from Doctor Who? I can't think of many who'd be young enough for her, but if she was older in the remake, Nina Sosanya (Teachers and one DW episode) would be wonderful.

Soolin - Tara Summers if she didn't get the part of Jenna? Or Emilie de Ravin (Claire in Lost) who has a Soolinish look, or what about Tania Raymonde (Alex in Lost) who isn't blonde but has another interesting and strong face.

Servalan - Michelle Gomez, also of Green Wing (thanks to toft_froggy) wins hands down due to her character in that series, though I think Morena Baccarin (Inara in Firefly) would be very good.

Travis - Lani Tupu (Crais in Farscape) or yes, Temuera Morrison (Once were Warriors) for some really good suppressed--or not--violence.


50 best cult books

  • 27th Apr, 2008 at 10:06 PM

From communicator, the Telegraph's 50 best cult books. I gather their criterion is that all have the power to inspire, and I quote one paragraph:

Cult books include some of the most cringemaking collections of bilge ever collected between hard covers. But they also include many of the key texts of modern feminism; some of the best journalism and memoirs; some of the most entrancing and original novels in the canon.
I think the last bit applies to the 9 of the 10 I've read that are novels, but I wouldn't call them cult books myself. If you're interested, the Telegraph's comments on each are worth the read.

The list with the ones I've read boldedCollapse )

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