April 25th, 2008

eep, meep

Oh now look!

Since so many people are telling me I'm being negative, I want to emphasise that it's B7E I'm negative about. They've changed the characters and universe (come on, a populated galaxy in 200 years?) in their audio series and will do the same in a TV series.

If someone else were remaking B7 with say Martin Freeman as Vila and Dylan Moran as Avon, I'd be very excited. I even thought the head girl in St Trinian's would make a brilliant Servalan.

And if anyone thinks I'm a reactionary who hates remakes per se, I was almost alone in enjoying the HHGTTG film (in which Martin Freeman was Arthur) and am looking forward to the new Get Smart film when I was very dubious before I saw the excellent trailer. And why was it? Because the people playing Smart and 99 acted like them.

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nikau (NZ!)


I should acknowledge that it's ANZAC day here. ANZAC stands for the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps from WW1, but we remember all our war dead on this day.

We lost more people per head of population in both world wars than any other nation did.