April 22nd, 2008

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My site and other stuff

My site, Breaking Orbit, has been moved to another web hosting provider because of the appalling service I had at the last one. They've had a lot of downtime, are very hard to contact, and last week was the last straw. First I got an error while trying to update a page, then when I complained, the site disappeared altogether and my e-mails were ignored.

It's now all uploaded at the new web host (thanks to kerravonsen for the rec) who have already shown that they have a much better level of service and range of features. The DNS change is still propagating through the web, so if you still get a 403 or 404 error, it hasn't reached you yet. The URL has not changed so things should be back to normal in a few days at the latest. I can finally see it, yay!

Today I also managed to go to Newmarket and meet Greg for lunch at 277, walk down to the the Crocs shop and buy those shoes and studs, run into imhilien on the way back (she must have seen my purple hat coming from a block away!), get a warrant of fitness for my car, and go to the library to pick up my ordered book and another one that looks interesting. And now it's time for a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

Michael Keating reprises his role as Vila for new audio adventure

From the Horizon newsletter comes this news:

Blake's 7 - The Early Years will be a prequel series of stories on audio from B7 Productions exploring the origins of key Blake's 7 characters prior to them meeting rebel leader Roj Blake.

The first of these prequel stories, When Vila met Gan, has been written by Ben Aaronovitch (classic Doctor Who, Jupiter Moon) and explores the history and enduring friendship between Gan and Vila. Michael Keating reprises his role as Vila, and Owen Aaronovitch (Coronation Street) also stars as Gan. An 'extended' special edition CD of When Vila met Gan will be released for retail on 2 June 2008, with a re-cut version to be broadcast on BBC7 in the summer.

Earth. 2230 AD. A time of social and political turmoil.Olag Gan wants to marry the woman of his dreams. Vila Restal wants to steal anything that isn't nailed down. When they form a partnership, a perfect combination of strength and skill, it seems that nothing stands between them and the easy life. But fate hates to give a sucker an even break and the course of true love never did run smooth.

Read the B7 Productions Press Release in the full news item on the Horizon website where you can also see the CD cover artwork.
I'm delighted that we're getting more B7 and with the original actors, but I'm a little dubious since this is from B7 Productions whose other audios are so out of character. Also the year gives me pause: shouldn't it be the New Calendar and at least 1000 years from now? Still, I'll buy it because it will be closer to the Vila I know and love with Michael Keating playing him.

Fifth sentence meme and the Marlows

From kerravonsen: Grab the nearest book, open to page 123, find the fifth sentence. Then post the next three sentences.

From Autumn Term by Antonia Forest:

She said hopefully: "I thought, you see, that you might be Falsely Accused and that I, as the Headmistress's Niece, could Exert my Influence to Clear Your Name."
Despite herself, Nicola grinned.
"Well, I'm not and you can't and I don't want to talk about it."
I was named after Nicola Marlow, and when I was about 10 or 11 (younger than the twins anyway) I read Autumn Term and loved my namesake and the eccentric Tim who is quoted here, and even wanted to change my last name to match Nicola's. I recently decided it was time to reread the Marlow--and Peter Wimsey--books because I've seen them mentioned on LJ and good books are always worth going back to.

So I borrowed Autumn Term this week and devoured it, realising just what a clever and beautiful book it is with its complex, well-drawn and understood characters. I even found words I picked up and used for a while (Nicola's "trimmensely" and "scudding" for running). I am saddened that The Marlows and the Traitor isn't in the library system, but I do remember that one quite well too: the fog, Nicola going widdershins round the lighthouse, Lawrie injured in hospital with a huge bandage on her head... I shall however work my way with delight through the ones I can borrow.