February 21st, 2008



I’ve just been reading Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters and I can’t help but wonder whether the Fool, AKA Verence II, is based on Vila. OK, I know that Pratchett despised B7 but maybe he once saw The Keeper and decided to use Vila’s Fool as a character. After all:

  • The Fool is a clever man pretending not to be
  • He has “a face like a spaniel that’s just been kicked”.
  • He’s of a nervous disposition
  • When Magrat really looked at him, she realised that the Fool was not a little man. He was at least of average height but he made himself small, by hunching his shoulders, bandying his legs, and walking in a half-crouch…
I suppose it’s just coincidence, but he talks rather like Vila too--but then, so does Rincewind.
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Last day

This is our last day of holiday; we leave tomorrow morning. :-( [consoles self with thought of seeing cats again] We saw the cygnets again yesterday and already their necks are longer and they’re ducking their heads under to get weeds instead of being provided with them by their parents.

Today we went back to the Aratiatia Dam to see the creation of the rapids from a lookout point further down the river. It's a stunning sight as the dam lets water go every two hours to roar and foam over the rocky river bed below. After that we did a river cruise from the dam to the Huka Falls which was excellent: beautiful and relaxing, and... Florrie the bullfighter was on board again! It turns out she and her companions are staying at The Village too--and in the unit we had last year! She's game for fun and went right up on the bow as we approached the falls. She was delighted to see the rapids afterwards as she didn't know about them, and for us they were well worth watching a third time.

A pretty good last day.