February 12th, 2008

B7 pusher

New B7 community?

hafren and several others of us think that a community where we could discuss B7 would be a great idea. We could set up tags for each episode, season, and character (any other suggestions? Perhaps pairings too?) so that each person could tag their own post appropriately. I'm happy to set this up today because it's raining anyway and Greg paid for a whole day of access because he's having to work.

I will also post links there to my existing ep reviews.

So what's a good name for this comm? b7crit? b7discussion? b7forum? Any other ideas?

Oh and I forgot: One of the past mayors of Napier was called Carnell. I took a picture of a monument with his name on it.

beta delta

B7 discussion community

I've set up the B7 discussion community, b7discussion. I might fiddle with the settings yet and tweak the look some more. I'll add those who want to be as co-mods when they've joined. I haven't got the online time to post links to my ep reviews, but I will, probably when I get home again. :-) I've set up some tags as a start but members can add their own as needed.

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dr who cricket, cricket

We won!

We beat England by ten wickets, and missed doing it in half the number of overs by one ball! This more than makes up for our humiliation at their hands during the twenty-20s.

And now I should go and watch some TV. Lost and SGA I think.