January 30th, 2008

summer (beach)

Good and bad

I just had my hair cut and it's all glossy and bobbed and shiny. In fact I am nowhere near cute enough for my hair.

In other news it's 30C and stinking hot at 7pm, I'm wilting in front of the fan, and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow because my left ankle and foot are strangely swollen. It may well be due to the massive bruise I had from bashing that same leg excruciatingly hard about 10 days ago, plus the heat (it did actually look briefly better after two hours in the air-conditioned salon getting hair, hands, and feet done), but I am afraid all the same. What if it's something horrible and serious? There are chronic conditions I already have that might be causing it, who knows, and even worse ones I hope I don't have. :-(

[Edit:] Since two of you asked, here's a photo, taken by standing in front of the blinds in the lounge and holding the camera up and snapping till I got one centred. It's out of focus but it's the best I could do, sorry. Actually I think my hair looks better in RL, esp since I seem to have mussed the fringe up in the process.