January 19th, 2008

avon silver anorak

Fannish things near my computer

As started by executrix and picked up by shimere277: fannish things near my computer.

On the top shelf of my computer desk:

  • a Corgi Liberator
  • the pipecleaner S1 Liberator crew made by the talented kalypso_v who are standing in front of Zen
  • a teleport bracelet
  • three Daleks and a Cybermat
  • Rimmer and Lister, Red Dwarf and Starbug
  • assorted Babylon 5 ships
On the next shelf down:
  • Babylon 5 figures: G'Kar, Londo, Vir, Sheridan, and Delenn
  • Picard
  • Buzz Lightyear and a three-eyed green alien
On the bookshelves to my right:
  • five signed photos of Michael Keating--four as Vila, and one as himself raising a glass of wine to me
  • a hand-coloured Bizarro cartoon of the Liberator parked in a funfair car park with the crew standing outside it looking at the laundry caught on a prong
  • Gandalf and the statues of the ancient kings
  • Asterix figures: Asterix, Obelix, Panacea holding Dogmatix, Julius Caesar, a centurion, and a legionary
  • Not fannish as such but geeky: two legionaries and a cow dressed as a gladiator
[Edit] You can see a lot of my things in this post.