January 17th, 2008


Visitors and bigotry

I was going to do posts about the B7 episode Shadow and what Chris Boucher did to Vila's character, but our visitors arrived just after I got home. I shall do that from work tomorrow.

We went out to a favourite seaside tapas restaurant for dinner and ice creams on the beach afterwards. The food was as good as ever, but of course the SIL from hell dominated the conversation (all about the Bulgarian trip and family history). For once I'm glad I'm going to work tomorrow. :-P Oh and some of Greg's relatives (most from the non-Bulgarian side) refuse to go to the wedding because the bride is Maori. I cannot believe this--do these people live in the 50s? Well, all right, I believe it of two of Greg's sisters whose bigoted remarks have disgusted us many times, but there several others. [is appalled and glad they live in Christchurch] At least the SIL from hell isn't racist, a huge point in her favour--and I didn't know she actually had one. :-) I like her a bit better now.

I just hope Liz doesn't know why those creeps aren't coming.