January 14th, 2008

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Attn: my Scrabulous friends

I heard via matildabj's LJ that Hasbro are making Facebook remove the Scrabulous app. Damn, that's why I joined Facebook! I'm not sure what else I should do with the thing--unless you all get (fluff)Friends and race them against mine (a white tiger cub called Shasika). A friend has great fun with her (fluff)Friend / virtual pet, a penguin who has a surprising turn of speed in a race.

Any other ideas for fun with Facebook?

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At work, we rip stamps off incoming mail and put them in a plastic container and when it's full, one of us sends them to a charity which sells them. I do it because they have to be sorted into NZ and foreign first, and I save the more unusual overseas ones for a collector friend, and take a handful of interesting ones home. I don't feel guilty because it's less than 5% of what we send away, and besides, the person at the charity they go to told me that they're sold in bulk by weight.

Anyway. I brought five home, and have scanned three I thought might interest people. (The other two were a small yacht like the one I used to sail, and Scott Base in the Antarctic for Greg.)

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