November 25th, 2007


Distant Shores

We've been watching Distant Shores, yet another British series which has city people going to live on a remote island / in a remote village. But hey, I like them; they're pleasant and undemanding escapism. This one has Peter Davison as an irascible plastic surgeon (shades of Doc Martin, yes, I know) and Gareth Thomas as the island's priest. It's a bit predictable so far but it's a lovely dinner accompaniment which won't put me off my food as a coupe of my regular series have done recently.

Some aspects puzzle me though.

The island is called Hildesay which sounds vaguely Scottish to me. The incidental music seems Scottish and some of the characters do too going by their names. Others though just seem Northern and at least one's a definite Geordie (who sticks right out) who seems to be accepted as an islander and not the outsider we are told anyone who wasn't born there remains all their life. Where is this island and why does it have such a weird mix of people? Maybe quarryquest who knows a lot about accents and also saw this being filmed can help me.

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Back to Heroes catching up and B7 rewatching tomorrow night. And probably more of that wonderful series From the Earth to the Moon which is just as excellent the second time round.