October 15th, 2007


Tessa update

I took Tessa back to the animal eye surgeon for her final check-up today and he said she's healed up really well. I was a bit worried about the dark bits on the graft, but apparently the conjunctival matter (the bit of her eye) he used to make it never usually sees the sun--and it has freckles! This, he said, is a good thing as it makes the graft less obvious. I have to say, I hardly notice it now unless she's up close (and she does that: looks soulfully into my eyes from short range).

Not so good is the crash followed by rattling I heard when I was upstairs after I brought her back home. I suspect something's come loose in the current gale, though I couldn't see it in a walk stagger around the house. [rolls eyes] Heh. One of the guys at work stepped outside with his cup of tea to get some fresh air (the painters are in) and the wind blew half the contents out of it. Not, luckily, in his direction. :-P

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I just rang Greg's cellphone and found that:
1) he forgot to take it to work and
2) he's swapped his ringtone from 'The Prisoner' theme to 'Captain Beaky and His Band'. Bwahahaha!

Now I have a phone capable of it, I should find something good for mine. No, not the B7 theme; I don't actually like it much.

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More crapness

And just to add to all the stress this week, my website is down because the hosting service's billing system is borked and they don't think I paid--not just earlier this year, but ever. If this isn't resolved soon, I'll have to find another host, I have no idea where. It's expensive here. [is close to losing the plot]

[Edit:] In case I can't fix this (I'm having trouble finding all the credit card statements) does anyone know of any decent, reliable, reasonably priced hosting service they can recommend?