September 15th, 2007


Explosives specialist?

I am in my second day of bad headaches so I did the careers test again, using entropy_house's refinements.

From the whole 40 suggestions, going by skills match:

Very good match (puzzlingly)
video game developer, astronomer.
(Great idea, but I should have started earlier than this.)

Good match
Computer animator, desktop publisher, website designer, translator, SFX tech, artist, illustrator, drafter, comedian...
(OK, so far, so good. I've actually done six of those, some as an amateur.)
But then: meteorologist and explosives specialist...
(Bwahahaha! I'm not that fond of weather, but it's the second one that amuses the hell out of me.)

But where's the computer programmer I've spent most of my working life being? Oh yes, that'll be the not liking obeying orders; too true, esp when they're from non-technical idiot managers. Still, I thought writer might have been in there seeing it's my real ambition. :-(

Speaking of which, I should go and finish my android story.

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