September 5th, 2007

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Teleport bracelets and Timelash

The latest Horizon club newsletter is offering:

Teleport bracelets made by Martin Bower, the guy who designed and made them for the series. I own one from the last time he made some. Yeah, they're expensive, but how could I resist? If you don't have huge Gan-like hands though, you do need to add foam rubber to the inside or you keep losing them just like the cast did.

Signed first day covers. I have no idea what a first day cover is. [Edit] OK, I do now, but the stamps on them don't look like B7 or DW ones. Anyway, they have three of them: Bayban and Avon (Avon when it was Vila's ep?), Servalan, and a Doctor Who: Timelash one signed, like the first one, by Colin Baker and Paul Darrow. I find this pretty funny because I just read andrastewhite's post about the worst DW episode ever and Timelash (which I've never seen) is a prime contender.


Spammer names

I usually just keep the better spammer names in a file which I raid for character names, but here are two from this week which are useless for that purpose, yet far too good not to post about.

Brandie Q Bourgeois
Come on, isn't that brilliant on several levels? Brandie itself, its spelling, the mysterious Q, and the devastatingly accurate surname. She's blonde, with big lips and a liking for pink, frills, and small dogs, right? What does the Q stand for? Is it left over from her parents' first thought of naming her Barbie Q?

What? Is this Dayna's pet constrictor which she named for Vila's tendency to cling and not let go once he gets his hands on a woman? Or is it one of Servalan's feathery fashion accessories she's named for a certain cute rebel thief she fantasises about draping over her person? Any other ideas?

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