August 28th, 2007


The Beatgirls and cryptic film titles

We're going to see The Beatgirls tonight at the Wintergarden, that wonderful 20s cocktail lounge in the Civic Theatre I posted about not long ago, the perfect venue for a retro group like them. Greg booked for tonight because he could get a table at the front, which means it will be a rush to get from work to the hair salon (which I booked last month), then home to treat Tessa's eye, then into town. :-P But it will be fun once I'm there and can relax with cool music from the past decades accompanied with cocktails.

I will not therefore be drawing anything today, but there will be an art post when I get home. I now have earring supplies.

Oh and Doctor Who fans? Take a look at redscharlach's cryptic film titles, all made with her Hello DW icons. Have a go without looking at the answers in the comments. Number four is still unguessed at time of typing, and I can't figure (ha!) it out. Maybe you can!


Ah, crap

We got into town only to find the concert cancelled. Pizza at the food hall and coffee at Borders was not the evening I had in mind. Still, we picked up some DVDs including I, Claudius which we only had on tape and season 8 of Inspector Rex, so it wasn't a complete loss. And now for a nice cup of tea, a sit down, and some Hyperdrive. Shut it; I like Hyperdrive and its strange and indefinably British humour.

There's a total eclipse of the moon tonight in a couple of hours but that fails to delight me given that all we'll see will be clouds and sodding rain. [hates winter with a vengeance] :-(