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25th August 2007

"Looks like" meme

  • 25th Aug, 2007 at 3:02 PM

From shimere277, a Google yourself meme:Type "[your name] looks like" into Google and see what you get.

Nico seems to make runs for it over his own gate quite a lot--I have no idea why--and it also turned up a lot of guys, so I did my full name too. Here's a mix of both.

  • Nico looks like a shipwreck, smokes incessantly and is still alluring with her trademark Teutonic lisp and Marlene Dietrich baritone. [Bwahahaha! I've never smoked in my life, but I like this.]
  • Nico looks like a girl. [This was not always so: I spent most of my childhood impersonating a boy.]
  • Nico looks like a panda after that fight. [Not the face, not the face!]
  • Nico looks like she's a playable character again! [I am indeed: Nico the elven thief.]
  • Nico looks like my sister. [Well, yes, we are related.]

  • Nicola looks like she's having a fit! [I do not! That's cappuccino foam!]
  • Nicola looks like a spy in a raincoat, wet brunette hair, dripping umbrella. [I bet she's the one with the Marlene Dietrich voice.]
  • Nicola looks like she wants to kill. [I wouldn't hurt a fly. Well, I would actually; I hate those things.]
  • Nicola looks like a frogman. [Ummm. All right, you must have caught me doing my well-known Cardassian impression.]
  • Nicola looks like the Joker out of Batman. [Again with the wide-mouthed frog aspersions!]
  • Nicola looks like a typical summer's day. [Now that I like. I'm stopping here.]


Mixed feelings

  • 25th Aug, 2007 at 9:50 PM


I feel so stupid. For a start, I'm so tired I just want to sleep which is probably making things worse. I've been up early for about three weeks now, and this has been an incredibly busy week at work as well.

Today I went to the Ribbon Rose (local craft and gift shop) and bought beads because making a pair of earrings to go with a necklace I made in March would be a lot faster than drawing anything more than a very quick sketch. I thought I had headpins. I have no headpins. I cannot buy the damned things till Monday or Tuesday now, so there goes that idea. Now I have to think up something to draw before I go to bed. [hits self over head]

I'm also annoyed that I only submitted unwritten stories to the Finishathon when I have a more than half written B7/Star Trek TNG crossover that, if it won the voting--which would be one chance in four--would be a lot less work to finish off than writing a whole new story. [bangs head on desk]


I bought a really nice Chinese teapot and three bowls from the Ribbon Rose really cheap because someone broke the fourth bowl. Eh, even with two, it would be a nice set. Maybe I'll have to draw it. I may be desperate enough for subjects to do so.

This morning I went to that local church jumble sale/fair/garage sale that I went to last year and bought:

  • one of those tall jars for pasta (the seal on my old one is perished and disgustingly tacky)
  • two more Petra Ceramics coffee cups--a different pattern from the lemon and the flower ones I already have, but hey, Petra!
  • a wooden Finnish plate, square and slightly concave like a sushi plate. It's very spare and modern, completely unused, and made of birch with an off-centre strip of curly birch and was only 50c. Underneath it says, "Valm: visa/koivu" which I deduce means "Wood: birth/curly birch", and "M-real Simpele". If snowgrouse reads this, I'd like to know what that means.
  • a biography of James Cook for Greg (Cook is one of his heroes)
  • assorted homemade pickles and biscuits
Not as good a haul as last year, but not bad.

Now I have to think up something quick and easy to draw. :-(


Today's entry for the naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge is another fast one because I had planned to do something else altogether (earrings) but found I didn't have all the supplies I needed. :-(

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