August 7th, 2007



This month doesn't get any better. I got home today to find Tessa with an eye full of pus, so I had to ring up, get an emergency appointment with the vet, and take her in. The poor little girl was crying which is rare for her; she usually just goes "Mmmm" instead of actually opening her mouth and meowing. She must have been in pain. They've kept her in and will give her painkillers and something to help, then tomorrow morning they'll anaesthetise her and have a proper look at the ulcer. If it's really bad, we might have to take her to the eye specialist who treated her detached retina some years ago; I hope it won't come to that. Whatever, they'll probably so her eye shut which she's had done twice before. :-(

I feel guilty because she didn't get out of her bed this morning and I didn't think to check if she was all right because she loves that bed and it was cold. She was fine yesterday though.

She cried when I left her there. I almost did too.


Day 7 - Plush Cat

Today's entry for the naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge is one of the many plushies I own (cats, two owls, a lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, and white tiger cub currently mauling my Darth Tater). This is one of the most recent ones, and I thought drawing a couple of them over the month would be good practice as they're 3D, some are very lifelike, and they don't move. I don't buy plushes indiscriminately, I'll have you know. They have to have a personality and seem to be asking me to take them home.

Not the best topic when Tessa is at the vet's, but I'd already started it when I noticed how bad she was.

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