August 5th, 2007

me with cat and wine

NaArMaMo Day 5 - Vila lifts a glass

Today's entry for the naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge is Vila raising a glass in honour of zoefruitcake, because it's her birthday and she loves Vila as much as I do. Happy birthday, Zoe!

There seem to be a lot of birthdays at the beginning of August, and this is good because they give me ideas for topics. I might also add that I had a moment of sheer terror while doing this because my graphics pen stopped working and I thought my tablet had died. However a reboot fixed that. This is the wrong month for that to happen; my heart rate's still getting back to normal. :-P

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Link: Fontifier

Before I go to bed, here's an interesting link from drawanyway. Fontifier creates a font from your own handwriting (or printing, really) but they do charge US$9. Someone asked which font I used in my art icon, and I said it wasn't one because I just printed it by hand (as I did for this icon), but you know, I'm tempted to get my own font.