January 25th, 2007

me with cat and wine

1000 and counting!

Yay! This is the 1000th post on my LJ!

LJArchive, which I downloaded a few days ago after glitterboy1 recommended it, tells me it is, though LJ itself thinks it's 974. glitterboy1 and I were puzzled about the discrepancy, but the very next day LJ admitted in this post to a bug that decreased the count by two every time anyone deleted a post. I didn't think I'd deleted as many as 13, but maybe I have.

I hope they fix the count on people's profile, but I won't hold my breath.

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Weirdo, annoyed animals, and heat

Encounter of the weird kind
Today was so hot and sticky, the fan was just moving hot air around the office which was bad enough, but a strange guy came in while I was alone. He just wandered in with a plastic bag and said he wanted to sit down and chat for a while. Mystified, I tried to be polite. He was a school teacher, he said, at a loss for anything to do till February (when schools go back) and teaches English, arithmetic, and geometry. "You even look like Euclid," I said, to be friendly (he was bald and bearded and resembled the picture in my Molesworth books) but he had no idea who that was, which was my first clue All Was Not Right. When he said he liked Gershwin and broke into "Anything goes!" I suspected this was the guy I'd been warned about last year but never seen. I had to look admiringly at the photos and Christmas cards he had in his plastic bag, and nod, impressed, every time he said he was a teacher and could speak five languages, and smile every time he decided to treat me to another rendition of "Anything Goes". Oh yes, he is also one of the twelve people on the planet who understand the true nature of God, the universe, and possibly life as well.

It was just my luck that one of my colleagues was on holiday, another not at work today, and the only other one I could call was in a meeting. He wandered off finally, one arm out as if to fend off attackers. Apparently he's an alcoholic who has killed off so many brain cells he doesn't make sense even when sober: self-inflicted Alzheimer's. :-( Eh, at least he was less disturbing than the random--and large--welder who came in last year begging for his fare to Whangarei so he could find his wife.

The pissed off animal in literature
Then on my way home, I went into the book shop and was puzzled briefly to see a book on "Angered Animals". Why would anyone want to read about annoyed creatures, I wondered, and had a second look. Yep, another book was obscuring part of the title. They were endangered. :-P

Delta under a hot tin roof
I'm finally cooling down with the aid of a fan on full aimed right at me. Time for bed; it should be cooler up there because I've had it closed all day. Sigh. My toe is finally well enough to go on walks with me and it gets too hot for me to want to.