January 16th, 2007


Dance, Vila, Dance

All right, I couldn't help myself. I had to do some more dancing Vilas once I found out how to change the dimensions of the canvas.

Season 1 Vila is a happy little guy.
PGP survivor Vila dances in sheer relief, done in answer to entropy_house's S4 Avon.

I'm getting better at this: his joints are in the right place now. :-)

Hey, they're a nice way of taking my mind off things like cats that won't eat because their meds put their noses out of joint, losing at cricket yet again, and not being able to get holiday accommodation where we want to go till autumn because of 1) booking late and 2) having to work in one of the only two weeks they did have in March. Feh.

There is new season TV to watch though. Heroes tonight, I think.


Pas de deux!

Bwahahaha! mistraltoes said she'd like to see me and Vila dancing together. A bit too Mary-Sue for me, but I accepted the challenge of doing a couple; after all, it distracted me from my exasperation at Greg only recording half of the Heroes pilot double ep.

And it worked!

I present: the Vila and Soolin pas de deux! It worked out even better than I'd hoped and I think it's more effective and funnier than a solo. :-D

OK, that's the last one two. Promise.

[Edit] I lied. Here's Stark for astrogirl2.