January 4th, 2007

beta delta

Custom mood theme!

I've spent the last couple of days making a custom mood theme in the hopes it might make me use moods more often. Yes, it's mainly Vila (he's my theme anyway, and besides, he's so expressive) but I've used others for those moods Vila doesn't have (e.g. Cally for predatory, Avon for geeky, Soolin for artistic). I'm lazy efficient and didn't bother to find pictures for each mood; if I consider them synonyms, I used the same picture, and some can be interpreted as a couple of different moods. All the same, I have around 70 different ones.

When I set my LJ to use the theme, I went to look for the most recent post which used a mood and laughed when I saw what it was. Ahem.


Broken toe

And in other news, I think I've broken my little toe. I caught it on one of the bed legs this morning and it hurts. I've done this a couple of times before over the years and I've just treated it the usual way - strapping it to the next one - but Greg wants me to go to A&E. This is my holiday: I don't want to spend half a day sitting in a hospital being forced to listen to reality TV and strident ads, and though ACC (Accident Compensation Corp) will pay for it, they don't cover all the X-ray costs. If it's still painful tomorrow, I suppose I'll go in, but what can they do but strap it, which I've already done?

Damn. The weather's turned fine (if still cold and windy) and I wanted to do some interesting stuff.