November 11th, 2006

xmas, party


Happy birthday to kerravonsen - and to my LJ, three years old today!

I didn't write a birthday story for you, Kat, because of two recent ficathons, but I think you'll like my B7/Narnia crossover. It has several features you like, and it could be an early Christmas present when I finish it. :-)

[Edit:] I have however written you a birthday ficlet, here.


Ficlet: Monsters

And here's the other, written for the halloween topic monsters.


"Ooh!" said Luan when Andor came to the door. "That's scary."

"It's a Kairoan spider." Andor came down the steps and spun so that his limbs flailed around. "Mum and I made it. And check this out: the egg sac's hollow so I can store sweets in there." He peered through the hole in his head, his antennae bobbing. "What're you? A purple bear?"

"It's a warg!" said Luan, hurt. "I've got tentacles, see? Come on, let's see what the others are."

They pounded on the door of the next house. "Happy Freedom Day!" they shouted as it opened.

Pilar waddled out, swathed in green plastic wrapped over balloons.

"Eww! An Andromedan!"

"Just wait till you see Elian," she said.

They were silent as Elian emerged, dressed in black leather with silver studs and white trim, and dragging a plastic pump-action water-blaster as big as he was.

"An Avon," Luan said at last. "That's not fair! That's so scary and mean, you'll get all the sweets."