September 1st, 2006


Alphabet story meme

Snurched from quite a few people by now, the alphabet story meme. I had to use some LJ fics as well as those on my site, but I chose longer ones. All the same, I'm missing J, K, X, Y, and Z. I also note that I seem to like titles starting with W.

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Peter Jackson has just announced he's remaking The Dam Busters. It's been a favourite film of his (and mine) since childhood and he plans to be faithful to the original but also add information and technical details that have come to light since they were declassified. We even have one of the Lancasters from Squadron 617 here, probably in Wanaka, to base the models on. This will be spectacular; yay!

Who will he get to act in it? I can't help but see Timothy West as Barnes Wallis even though he doesn't look at all like him. I suppose I've seen West play one too many eccentrics lately in Colditz (the recent miniseries) and New Tricks.

Hee. Greg says they'll have to rename Guy Gibson's dog, Nigger (who was apparently so named because he was a 'niggardly pup').


Five things meme

Everyone else is doing this, it looks like fun, and hey it's the weekend (here anyway).

Five things: post a topic, list, category, or whatever, in my comments. (Examples: "Five things Batman will never say", or "Five jobs House wishes he had"). Then I'll give my answers in a separate post.