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31st August 2006


If having a cold wasn't bad enough, I catch some sort of stomach bug on top of it. I probably got it at the doctor's. No one else I know has it and Greg and I ate the same dinner last night. And you know what? Even if it's not at fault, I don't think I can face murtabak again. Aversion therapy works well on me. I still won't eat luxury flake bars after a regrettable childhood incident.

I thought my dreams of Vila on the run in a huge gothic castle pursued by nameless evil were what was making me fell ill, but waking up and changing position didn't help. In the end I was very sick most of the night and half of today (I couldn't even keep plain water down). I rang the nurse at the doctors' clinic and she said to just sip boiled water, which isn't easy when you feel like you just crawled across half of the Sahara. I still haven't had enough, but Greg got me some electrolyte replacement stuff. Dammit though, I just want to knock back three glasses of ice-cold water in quick succession.

I do feel a bit better though, despite an enormous inertia which keeps me in one place from sheer lack of energy. I hope I can go to work tomorrow because I was half-way through a project they want finished and I also have something here they need for it. Bleah.

And I was going to do a banner for the end of NaArMaMo too. I'll see how I go.

NaArMaMo Day 31 - Banner

  • 31st Aug, 2006 at 11:41 PM
blake big

Today's entry for the naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge is a Blake's 7 Simpsons-style banner because it's the last day.

BannerCollapse )

And now I'm going to bed.

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