July 30th, 2006

B7 pusher

Newbie guide community

I recently discovered the newbieguide community, a very useful guide to different fandoms on LJ. I posted a Blake's 7 entry yesterday. Let me know if I've missed anything.

BTW I note that Farscape still needs to be done and Babylon 5 isn't even mentioned. I'm sure several people I know can join and post something. You just post links to LJ communities and update it when necessary. The sign-up post and list of fandoms is here.

Astro might also be interested in the Numb3rs post. :-)

nikau (NZ!)

Name meme

But before I get into it - Happy Birthday to jomacmouse and all the best for her new life away from the city. :-)

This meme is from zoefruitcake and trixieleitz who don't even know each other (amazing how these things get around).

  1. Are you named after anyone? If so, explain.
    My real name, Nicola, was chosen for its beauty. My second name, Ruth, is after my grandmother and I like it too.
    My LJ name is of course after Vila Restal, an affectionate pet name for him. :-D

  2. Have you chosen your children's names already? If so, is there any significance?
    The bad genes stop here, and anyway, I'm not one of nature's mothers. Besides there are more than enough people on this planet already.
    I have however used name I like for cats: Sigi, Petra, Claudia, Tessa. The only significance is that I think they're attractive.

  3. If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name have been?
    Stephen, my mother told me. She was sure I'd be a boy she would name me Stephen, a name she liked at the time. I asked her why I wasn't Stephanie when I turned up, but she said she almost named me Priscilla. I'm glad I escaped. I knew a Priscilla at school and she got teased a lot.

  4. If you could re-name yourself, what name would you choose and why?
    I like my first name. I'd probably change my surname to something easier for people to spell and say (they're always adding an extra vowel or stuffing up the consonants). But I don't mind that much.

  5. Are there any common mispronunciations or mis-spellings of your name?
    I get Nicole a lot. I don't mind it as a name, but can't people read or listen? When I lived in Germany I gave up and became Nicole; it was just easier as it was a name they knew.
    What really riles me though is people who call me Nicky as soon as they meet me. I correct them firmly and if they persist, cutesify their name. Hah, that usually gets them. My preferred short form is Nico, the name my friends and family use. :-)

NaArMaMo and poll

I start naarmamo on Tuesday. This stands for National Art Making Month, a great idea jekesta had. Join us and have some fun: the idea is to do a work of art or craft every day of August (or 31 during the month if not exactly one each day).

Anyway I'd like to know whether I should post what I do every day or do a weekly post.

Poll #781245 NaArMaMo posting

How often should I post?

Once a day; I'd like to see what you come up with.
Once a week with links to pictures and to the scrapbook gallery