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15th July 2006

Vila meez

  • 15th Jul, 2006 at 4:06 PM

Another Meez because I couldn't resist. This is the closest I could get to Vila. All the guys' faces have weird wide frog-like mouths so I'll stop here. :-P

Vila on Space City and ready for actionCollapse )

A film and a test

  • 15th Jul, 2006 at 10:27 PM

I saw Over the Hedge tonight, and it was wonderful. Lots of fun, great characters (RJ the raccoon thief was my favourite), brilliant scenes that had me roaring with laughter, lots of fun references to other films, and some utterly brilliant scenes that went unbelievably OTT. Hey, who cares about physics anyway? The old possum was William Shatner who parodies himself a couple of times. :-) And wow, can they do good fur these days! I'm so buying this when it comes out.

I also saw the trailer for Flushed Away, by the Aardman Studio (who do Wallace and Gromit) and an American one (Dreamworks, I think). Oh yes, that's definitely on my list to see.

No, I haven't grown up and don't ever intend to. Four of us went and when I booked the tickets, they asked, "Two adults and two children?" Um, no, just four adults. :-D

And here's a Myers-Briggs test I haven't done, care of glitterboy1. Those who dislike the whole concept, just ignore the cut and carry on with whatever you were doing. :-)

Not exactly a surpriseCollapse )

Cool stuff

  • 15th Jul, 2006 at 10:59 PM
avon silver anorak

Two items from the Stuff site:

Firstly, the motorised couch I saw on the news last weekend. It was followed by the police helicopter when its builder took it for a spin on the road. I wanted to post about it then but couldn't find a picture at the time. Here's one though with the whole story. It just sold on TradeMe tonight for about $3,200. I think an advertising company bought it.

And now the Trekkie's maize maze. I'm impressed by his devotion. If we make it back to York (and we'd like to) I want to go through it.


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