March 31st, 2006


Home is where the cats are

I'm back home again. I was sorry to give up the rental car (a Mitsubishi 380, and a joy to drive) but I got LIBR8R back an hour later. They found some dry solders in the main fuel relay, so they replaced the part. I hope that's fixed it, as I've had intermittent problems starting it when it's been hot this summer.

Weird coincidence: we went to the local supermarket and saw my previous car, a red Honda Civic, in the car park; Greg recognised the number plate. I haven't seen it since I traded it in several years ago.

And yay, I have the cats back, and they're just as pleased to see us. :-) Tessa is on my lap so I have to type round her and Claudia is already in our bed 'duvet-diving'. Vic, the great bruiser, has been in fights and acquired more bites and scars, but for all his tough appearance, he's been just as clingy and very talkative, with his pathetic and incongruous little kitten-squeaks.

Right, I'm off to bed too.