February 16th, 2006


Red pandas

For those intrigued by the red pandas in my previous post, here's a better picture, scanned from this week's Listener (the article was about baby boomers; the woman in the pic was a high-powered executive who turned fulltime mother).

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You can see their size and utter cuteness there--aww, look at the little tongue! She's probably feeding it fruit; they love that. The zoo hold 'encounters' like this at set times of the day and I'm going to plan my next visit around a few of them. I want to meet a red panda and touch one of the new cheetahs we're getting at Easter. :-D

Sadly, red pandas are endangered. If you want to know more about them, see this excellent article in the Wikipedia which makes it clear that they're not really bears but in a class of their own. Auckland Zoo has at least six that I could see, constantly climbing and moving about, except for one who went to sleep, zonked out flat along a tree trunk. :-)

A few years ago, one escaped from Wellington Zoo and climbed a tree across the road and was found when people reported a large, strange, red cat in the tree. That was the first I'd heard of them and they're among my favourite animals now.

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The 'lost lyrics' of Blake's 7

By popular request from a Blake's 7 mailing list, here are the 'lost lyrics' to the B7 theme.

To quote the Marvel Winter Special:

Early during the production of Season D*, incoming producer Vere Lorimer decided to arrange a recorded version of the Blake's 7 theme. He personally wrote some accompanying lyrics to complement Dudley Simpson's original score and made plans to have Steven Pacey sing them. Unfortunately**, his plans did not see fruition. Here, printed in its entirety, is Distant Star, the Blake's 7 theme that never was...

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* Season 4
** Unfortunately? We should, as my mother would say, thank our lucky stars.