February 3rd, 2006


Mixed bag of stuff

After being seduced by the glowing recommendations of sallymn and jomacmouse, I went looking and found I could get Inspector Rex DVDs here for even cheaper than in Australia--and they arrived today! This is an Austrian series actually called Kommissar Rex about a police dog in Vienna, and it's in German with subtitles. This is a very good thing as I can practise my German. :-)

I still dream in it, but as to why I dreamt I was doing a French crossword last night, I have no idea. I woke up frustrated by the fact that both 'mauvais' and 'méchant' were 7-letter words starting with M that matched the clue 'mal'. I haven't spoken French for years. I didn't even know that I still knew the word for malicious. The brain is a very strange device sometimes.

And I just found out this week that Foodtown have imported chocolate bars above the cheese stand. This is cunning. This is to get people like me who don't go down the confectionary aisle. [hangs head in shame] I just bought 6 bars of dark-chocolate-covered fudge with big chucks of ginger in it because, as I found out two days ago, those things are seriously decadent and frelling delicious.

I am weak.