Nico (vilakins) wrote,

No dragons called Servalan though

Eh, everyone else is doing it. I did like steverogerson the giant spider, the crudely-daubed pictures of Blake's 7, and entropy_house the owlbear (very much her style).

I escaped from the Dungeon of Vilakins!

I killed Lady Smith the rat, Gair the arch-demon, Sallymn the nymph and Entropy House the owlbear.

I looted the Wand of Food, the Sceptre of Blake's 7, the Armour of Daiseechain, the Dagger of Shimere277, a Figurine of Zoefruitcake, a Figurine of Glitterboy1, the Amulet of Writing, the Armour of Astrogirl2, the Sword of Vila Restal, the Amulet of Kerravonsen and 131 gold pieces.

Score: 306

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