November 16th, 2005


Happy 175th!

Happy birthday to Harriet the tortoise, 175 years old today. I just saw her on TV at the Australia Zoo having a special dinner of hibiscus flowers and a birthday cake (for the humans, I suspect). She's a giant land tortoise from the Galapagos Islands who was taken to England by Charles Darwin in 1835. For more than a century of her life she was known as Harry until they found their mistake. :-P She's been in the Australia Zoo for the last 18 years and no matter what I think of Steve Irwin, whose zoo it is, she looks pretty lively (for a tortoise) and healthy. Go, Harriet!


Ficlet: Night Watch

I joined up for fanfic100 because I had a lot of existing stories I could slot into my big damn table of Vila fic. I think I've pretty much exhausted them though, so now I'll have to write new ones for the remaining prompts. Like astrogirl2, I'll go down columns rather than across rows because you get a more varied mix that way.

So here's one for the prompt of 'hours'. 300 words, set in season 1.

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