July 24th, 2005


Another white tiger cub

I while ago I adopted a virtual grey cat (Claudia!) in a basket but never got round to posting her. quarryquest and entropy_house reminded of the site and they have more pets now, so I adopted a white tiger cub seeing as I've played with two of them in real bouncy furry life.

She's very cute, more active than the original cat-in-a-basket, and she even growls if you play with her long enough. [Edit} And if you hold the left mouse button down while you're playing with her, she purrs (even though tigers don't).

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thief at work

Ficlet: Wizardry

This week's b7friday topic is advanced technology and because it's indistinguishable from magic, I couldn't resist writing a crossover with Harry Potter. It's too long for b7friday so I've posted it here. It's safe--no spoilers for B7 and only very tiny ones for The Half-Blood Prince, which you don't have to have read and in which Hermione's diary doesn't even feature.

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